Play of Love

The Play of Love is a song
That sounds the instrument of my heart.
Its wisdom knows a path unknown,
And trust is its harmony.

This Time

Someone has written something new
In the ashes of your life.
You are not leaving...
You are arriving.

Your brow peeks over the horizon,
       lifting and furrowing its creep.
Your cheeks smile new mounds on the hillside,
       reddening before the sunset.
Your teeth do not fear appearance,
       but boldly and brightly speak
       your anticipation.

Thus a face grows,
       as a mind awakens.
Thus it becomes present,
       as your heart shows its face.

This time is all times —
       was this face ever on the back of your head,
       that you could not have seen it?
This dawn was ever bright —
       this sun that renews was never new.

Bring forward the present,
That long seemed to escape
To the back of your hand.
A little turn, makes it your grasp.