Is Oneness Personal?
Love, Involvement and Connectedness:
We have so many valid descriptions of what love is -- at least as many descriptions as there are people.        (link:  
Kuan Yin, chinese goddess of compassion)

For me, the core of love is simply loving energy -- the heart "center" -- and it's to be experienced or generated, channeled or allowed, and is essentially a non-language phenomenon.  And, it's great, sometimes, playing with words for the wordless, so...

In choosing to love you, or being present to love with you, there's a certain sense of connection with your being, and support for your well-being.

And everything else is content!  What level of involvement is chosen now, in what ways intentions are shared, how we enjoy cooperating together in the games of life, when are we touched, moved, and inspired by the same things... these things are content.  They are the nature of involvement.  These may or may not be present when love is present -- love does not depend upon them.    (link:  classic Kuan Yin)

So, we can be loving all the time, while choosing involvement in ways that work for us. Unconditional love; conditional involvement.

Other thoughts about love that have power for me:
In classes at Landmark Education, they say that love is present when you "grant someone being":  grant them the space to be.  And they say love is present when there is complete acceptance.

In the book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle says "Love, joy, and peace are... three aspects of the state of inner connectedness with Being."  And he says "Of course, you cannot feel someone else's Being except through your own.  This is the beginning of the realization of oneness, which is love."

In the Handbook to Higher Consciousness, in the chapter The Two Joyous Centers, Ken Keyes describes how self-awareness and love interact:  
"When I don't know who I am, I serve everyone around me; when I do know who I am, I am one with everyone around me."


The Greeks have more than one word for love:
-- Eros = intimate love, or love that is connected with our desires, or love that includes alot of receiving; the most intimate.
-- Philia = friendship love or "brotherly love", which includes alot of sharing; it's personal.
-- Agape = unconditional love or spiritual love, which often shows up in giving or serving.  Agapic love can be present regardless of personal connection:  while we aren't typically choosing to love everyone as a friend or a lover, we can love everyone as a being.

(Loving everyone includes loving ourselves!!! :)      (link: about Kuan Yin)

For me, in essence, all forms of love have love energy at their core, and then they add content to it. It's like, whenever we love, Agape plays a part, and we sometimes choose to mix that with connection... intention... involvement. Philia is love with personal connection, and Eros is love with intimate connection.

When we experience simple love energy -- in the moment -- pure Agape -- it can be cosmic, and that's all. It may not be personal, even while it's feeling deeply personal. A sense of connectedness is available, that is not based on identity.

Oneness is not inherently personal.  
We can be personal about it, when we choose to be... in any way we choose to be.

So then, the question in life doesn't have to be "Am I going to love you?"  While we're loving *everyone* (including ourselves) the inquiry can be: "I always choose to love you as a Being.  Right now, do I love and also choose to connect to you personally -- connect as friends -- loving you as a Friend?  And, do I choose love and deep involvement -- loving you as Someone I'm Close To?"  

I can be love all the time, and choose how to love right now. (Kuan Yin on a dragon)

And Love is not particular about the content.  Regardless of the content, love can be being with you, in the moment, with loving energy :)

The core love energy can be present *all the time*, in all situations... and can be cosmic, or personal, or intimate, or any mix --
we get to explore... and create... and play!       (link: Kuan Yin print)

Kuan Yin:  Click to see the full print (and order it, if you wish) click for: More on Thor, Norse God of thunder
Consciousness Context
My name is Doug Ivison (also known as "Peace Walker"), and I am a Self-Healing Coach: the game is for you to know yourself as your own healer.... or better said: to know yourself as healed.

I assist you in bringing connectedness to awareness, and accessing energy through that connectedness.

You are whole and complete, and we explore bringing that wholeness and completeness to your experience, your relationships, and your vision for your life.

My business is named "Consciousness Context" -- named for the simple, intuitive expansion and healing that is experienced, in your relationship to anything, when you relate to both it and its surrounding context.

My main modalities:
  • The Sedona Method
  • Brandon Bays' The Journey
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Note that I am a Reiki Master, and can teach you to do Reiki. And, as a minister ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, I am available for weddings and other sacred ceremonies.

    I am also a healer's healer: other healers have come to me for their own healing, saying they love my energy, and they love what they get from our work together.

    You can even consult with me online. People have told me they have experienced significant healing, through the work we've done that way.

    My commitment to you is that our work makes a difference in your life! ...and you come away with tools that you can use on your own, to continue to make a difference for yourself. (Are you willing to *match* that commitment to yourself? :)

    So... if you'd like to clear some emotional clutter, quiet the mental traffic, connect with your inner resources, and invent visions for your life....

    ... feel free to contact me :)

    (For a little more regarding me personally, see "The author..." on my aol page.)


    Women's Wellness Weekend -- our next big event at Healing Arts Community of Connecticut -- Saturday & Sunday, September 24 & 25, 2005.
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    Inner Peace multimedia  (by Hale Dwoskin)

    Eckhart Tolle -- further experience --
       being and doing in balance.

    A favorite poem

    A few poems of my own

    The Journey  (a healing modality)

    The Chakras  (energy centers)

    My friend and fellow healer, Woven Woman

    My Reiki Master

    My next workshop:  "Being Yourself in New Ways" on the third Monday of each month.
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    Tying it all together

    The four lines below are an integration I've been playing with, of various transformational tools.  It is possible to be present, inspired and connected... and to have intentional access to well-being, love, joy, and peace.

    BODY -- Relax, Feel, & Breathe --
    Self-Nurturing -- Self-Supporting --  (Energy Container, & Energy Indicator) --
    Awareness -- WELL-BEING

    BEING -- Allowing & Releasing Feelings -- (Energy Capacity & Mobility) --
    Beingness -- PEACE

    SOURCE -- Opening Possibilities of Being -- Aligning with Inspiration -- (Energy Source & Flow) -- Willingness -- JOY

    ALL -- Communicating -- Being With -- Communing -- (Energy Connection, Ocean) -- Oneness -- LOVE

    (links: Thor at his best: protector, god of fertility, and god of wisdom, and Norse gods [they were mortal & fallible])

    What "lights you up," "turns you on," makes you glow???

    Play with the point of view
    that all is well,
    and everything is possible...
    and consider:
    "What might love see?"
    "What could love do?"
    "Where might love lead?"

    Favorite Quotes:
    "If you have opened your loving to God's love, you are helping people you don't know and have never seen."
    --Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi

    "Doug, you're not just a human feeling, or a human thinking... you're a human being."
    --Dr. Rosemarie Monaco

    The Press:  "General, how did the plan go?"
    Eisenhower:  "The plan was useless;  the planning was indispensible."

    "Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love"  --A Course in Miracles

    Know yourself as magical.
          (link: Thor basics)
    Below is a series of affirmations, for connecting with your core being and your source.

    Note the "I know myself as..." steps shown in ((double parentheses)). There's alot that can come out of filling in the blank there, and/or playing with your own ideas for the "I open" affirmations. Put in anything that seems inspiring to you right now, or that feels inspiring for your next step in life. Notice what seems to have a certain knowingness. See what gives you access to energy, or allows energy to flow freely.

    If limiting feelings come up, simply allow them and release them.

    Possibilities to play with:
    (1) See what you experience with the affirmations provided. The 7 "I open" affirmations correspond to seven spinal energy centers (chakras).
    (2) Put in any inspiring possibility of being.
    (With thanks to Landmark Education, for teaching "inspiring possibilities of being.")
    (3) Chakras. Suggestion: know them as being, & as energies moving thru awareness.
    (5) Put in love, or any of the qualities of love listed in I Corinthians chapter 13.
    (4) I find the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) to be inspiring possibilities of being.
    (5) Choose awareness, being, presence, or anything you see as an inner resource.

    If it helps, see these qualities given to you in baloons, and breathe in each quality. (With thanks to Brandon Bays, for that visualization.)

    So, here are the affirmations:

    -- I allow myself to relax, breathe, and feel.
    -- I embrace life openly, fluidly, and with freedom.
    -- I effortlessly access strengths, being, and source.
    -- I open the possibility of being grounded
    -- I open the possibility of being creative
    -- I open the possibility of being effective
    -- I open the possibility of being loving
    -- I open the possibility of being receptive
    -- I open the possibility of being perceptive
    -- I open the possibility of being connected.
    -- I choose to know myself as this.
    -- ((or: I choose to know myself as all possibility.))
    -- ((or: I choose to know myself as .......... [fill in the blank--you get to make it up :) enjoy the list above] for my next step in life.))
    -- ((or: I choose to know the energy of my presence, and the energy of my experience, and the energy of my expression, as choice. This includes the choice to simply allow them, and be.))
    -- My life rests in the presence of this, and flows with the energy of this. The rest and the flow intermingle, and are connected.
    -- I am ready to have this in my choices, and in my life.
    -- I allow myself to relax, feel, and breathe.
    Love Energy to You and Yours